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CorrLinks is a way for family and friends to
communicate with their loved ones
incarcerated in prison. We received
our ministee’s permission to post (anonymously)
this series of powerful CorrLinks
emails that we thought would be
particularly helpful to our
audience at
Good morning Jeff, sorry for delaying this note but money is tight for me right now.

In short I’m assuming that you have some of my background and what issues I might have – but I will be brief to start:

I feel enormously sad and distressed over my crime and all who I have hurt – including XXX (now my Former Wife) and my Children, Friends and other Family. I just couldn’t get enough, I had to have it all and didn’t value the most important things I had – my Family and Friends – and mostly – God himself. It pains me now to hold back from openly crying from the pain I feel. I feel so alone, so damaged.

The only thing its seems I have left is what is in my locker here at [Federal Prison]. I pray to God for forgiveness for my sins and I feel he has forgiven those sins – but its the stain of those sins that have deeply damaged me so much. The pain is so much that I cry myself to sleep most every night and wake up several times to pray to God for a better life – another chance to do what is right in his way.

Right now I’m holding my own – but it scares me if things go bad I may not make it as any health care at [Federal Prison] is poor at best.