"HashOcean - Identify Your Account & Continue Mining" SCAM!


HashOcean - Identify Your Account & Continue Mining

support@hashocean.com via box1074.bluehost.com
02:10 (11 hours ago)

to me

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Identify Your Account & Resume Your Daily Profits.
We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. All identified account's not need to identify again. If you not identify your account with us so please try to identify your account in your earliest possible time. Thanks for your patience, we hope you can understand the situation.

To activate your account & Daily Profits, provide the following information:

Provide screenshot of latest transaction (HashOcean) history from your personal wallet.
Provide new bitcoin address from your personal wallet.
Send 0.015 Bitcoin from your bitcoin wallet to (122cdnczj2iFHDCLiUzTgsEs7hP6rmoTX1) for Activate your Daily Profits on system withdraw and identify your account.
Provide screenshot The Transaction Detail of 0.015 Bitcoin.
Our system will send back the 0.015 Bitcoin when your account and daily profit activated successfully.
NOTE: If you do not activate your daily profit within 90 days then will be all funds lost.
Warning About Scam: We will never ask you for personal or account information through social network (Pages Facebook or Twitter...etc). If you’d like to receive our latest updates please go to our NEWS page.
Best Regards,
HashOcean Support Team

© HashOcean, Inc.

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