Coinbase Forex (CFD Profit) SCAM!


[Coinbase] Investment Season - Earn 30% profit in 10 days via
19 May (13 days ago)

to me

This offer end on 31 of may, 2017.

Exclusive offer to:

Make an investment in Bitcoin growth with Coinbase. We offer 30% of your deposit after 10 days.
With Coinbase, your investments profit will be guaranted. We use your investment with the Major Bitcoin Exchangers and Casino's and with the Major Banks in Malaysia, China, South Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, USA, Mexico, Spain, Indonesia and others...

We accepts investments from 0.10 Bitcoin to Maximum 15.00 Bitcoins. You can invest any Bitcoin amount from 0.10 to 15.00 Bitcoins.

If you like to invest, please send the bitcoin amount to our bitcoin address:


If all is correct, 24 hours after you make the investment, you will receive a email confirmation with your investment details and the date of profit payout. The profit will be paid after 10 days direct to your Bitcoin account. For example investing 5 bitcoins today, you will earn after 10 days 6.50 bitcoins.

If within 24 hours you don't receive a email, please send a support email to: help-invest @ coinbase (dot) com

Just look at the sender's email address, you should not believe anything like this.

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