DigitalCoin Talk User Rewards


The current rewards for DigitalCoin Talk users are:
Post: 10 Satoshi/per post
Revision (of Post): 2 Satoshi/per revision
Comment: 1 Satoshi/per comment
View: 0.1 Satoshi/per view (reward to the content creator/post author, only count logged-in user's view as valid)
Referral: 100 Satoshi/per referral + 10% of each referral's withdraw

How to withdraw?
Threshold (minimum withdraw): 0.00500000 BTC
Once reached the threshold, submit your withdraw request as a post in this forum, such as
Subject *
[YourUserName]'s Rewards Withdraw Request
Forums *
I want to withdraw [All/amount] of my Satoshi to BTC address: [yourBTCaddress].

All withdraw requests will be verified and sent manually. Withdraw will be disabled for spammers and cheaters.