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iPhone 7 Plus: This is what should look like the smartphone, video
By Camille Allard - postedAugust 4, 2016 at 14:00

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Commotion battle for fans of Apple , a YouTubeur procured a mock-up (prototype) iPhone 7 Plus. A good opportunity to learn more about the beast. Let's go !

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A US YouTubeur with a channel dedicated to the "unboxing" asked a Chinese company to create him a model of the iPhone 7 Plus, next device of the Cupertino company to be aware of the various changes effected.

First, the smartphone (as evidenced by the video above) would be available in a new color: blue. Turning the device one can notice that he would now 2 photos sensors as what you can find on some smartphones with a Leica lens. the module would also be slightly thicker than the iPhone 6S and seem less stable flat.

Goodbye Jack port?

Always at the back of the smartphone , you can see three bridges are expected to connect accessories (dock, charger, etc). Finally, note that the YouTubeur states that the "Home" button of the slice remains very much and does not disappear as some rumors implied, as reports of a possible touch button ..

Always among the differences, we note that the antennas are now on the contour of the back. And to the chagrin of conventional headphones enthusiasts, the jack port has totally disappeared, leaving suddenly certainly room for a Bluetooth system . Instead, there are two gates speaker against previously and a port lightning still alive.

The animal should be released September 16, 2016 (to be taken lightly) and be available in 4 colors (gold, pink, gray and steel blue sky). Recall that Apple has sold 1 billion iPhone worldwide and do not stop there.
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